Callie Greer

Senior Community Organizer/


Callie is married to Alfonza Greer, the love of her life and a strong supporter of her work. She is the proud mother of five children: Venus (deceased), Mercury (deceased), Tiffany, Lawrence and Niaya and grandmother of eight. Callie started her advocacy work after Mercury, her son, was killed. Callie started at the Jubilee Community Center (JCC) in Montgomery, Alabama as a volunteer, she was later employed as the Director of the After School Program. While employed at JCC, she developed an original Life Skills program that was designed to educate the youth that live in high risk areas, and also received her minister license. She is still involved with JCC and their efforts in the community. She moved from that position to Lead Organizer/Trainer with The Montgomery Transportation Coalition (MTC) leading their efforts to help bring adequate mass transportation to Alabama. Callie was also the Young Women Organizer for FOCAL through their Southern Rural Black Women Initiative Program (SRBWI) that works on issues that affect black women in rural areas of the black belt. She is also a graduate of the Alabama Organizing Project (AOP). Callie is also an Offender Workforce Dev Specialist (OWDS) through the National Institute of Corrections. She has been employed by Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) for the past 10 years as their Lead Organizer for Constitution Reform in the state of Alabama and Civic Engagement, and has been featured twice on PBS’s NOW program in their award winning story on poverty and tax fairness in the state of Alabama. She was formerly on the Board of Directors of Alabama ARISE and SRBWI and is currently a Board Member of SOS (Saving Ourselves Movement for Justice and Democracy), Alabama Moral Monday, Project Hope and MTC.


In February 2013 after battling Breast Cancer and the State of Alabama for adequate Healthcare, Venus Colley-Mims (Callie’s eldest child) died. This has pushed Callie to become even more involved in the Medicaid Expansion movement. She was recently interviewed by C. Nicole Mason of New York, NY on Venus’ story and the effects of not having Medicaid expansion in Alabama.  Callie’s heart is in the future and wellbeing of our youth and whenever she can, she speaks on these issues at churches, schools and other events. Callie has overcome many obstacles in life and uses these trials as a step ladder in her life and to encourage others to step up to the plate of potential in their lives.