Title: Manager of Victim Services

Location: Selma, AL

Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree or above

Salary: Based upon experience

Reports To: Executive Director

Application Deadline: Open until filled

Start Date: ASAP




The mission of the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, & Reconciliation (SCNTR) is to partner with institutions to promote love, the establishment of justice, and build the Beloved Community. The Center is committed to transforming and healing the root causes of physical, political, psychological, environmental, economic and racial violence at personal, family, community and systemic levels. Victim Services specifically works to increase trauma informed, client-centered trauma informed services being offered to victims of violence within the City of Selma and Selmount area regardless of background or circumstance.


SCNTR seeks an experienced service provider, who is creative, a self-starter, and tireless advocate to be the Center’s first Manager of Victim Services. The Manager of the Victim Services will establish quality victim service standards rooted in nonviolence and trauma-informed practices and principles. This position offers the right individual an opportunity to impact the future of a vibrant and critical community organization. The manager will work closely with the Executive Director, Director of Violence Intervention, Manager of Street Outreach, the program consultant, and other staff members of SCNTR to implement a violence reduction strategy, based on a nationally known framework and program design.


Among many of its services, Victim Services (VS) will assist in providing a monthly mutual support session, Victims Compensation filings, funeral planning, victim impact statements, family support, victim advocacy, expressive arts and alternative therapeutic activities, referrals to counseling, and crisis response. VS will also respond to living victims of violent crime, helping victim’s plan for care and potential needs after the incidents. VS responds to all violent crime incidents; including shootings, stabbings, and violent assaults and uses these responses to build relationships and intervene in the complex cycles of violence in which victims are so often caught. VS collaborates with other SCNTR programs to best serve the needs of youth and families whose lives are affected by violence and to implement a holistic violence reduction strategy.


All SCNTR staff members are trained in MLK’s Nonviolence Theory and the program’s logic model. It is the expectation that all SCNTR staff members constantly are studying and practicing living a nonviolent lifestyle. This position offers the right individual an opportunity to impact the future of a vibrant and critical community organization.




● Serve as an active member of SCNTR’s Leadership Team; serving as a member of the Senior Staff;

● Engage in the all program aspects as required or needed;

● Maintain high quality client records;

● Ensure all reporting deadline requirements for the program are met;

● Provide direct services as VS staffing is increased. In time supervise Victim Service Staff which include Victim Advocates, a Wellness Program Coordinator, and interns and volunteers;

● Ensure that all families of homicide victims and living victims are outreached to within 24hrs of incident and are offered support services;

● Provide crisis intervention and assess the needs of family and friends;

● Provide follow-up intervention, case management, and emotional support;

● Create and maintain relationships with and provide appropriate referrals to mental health and other support agencies;

● Assist families in navigating the criminal justice system;

● Act as a liaison for families with the media and other applicable agencies;

● Coordinate with outside agencies and partners, such as the Selma Police department, District Attorney’s Office, Office of Victim Compensation, the Office of Attorney General to ensure a seamless continuum of victim care;

● Work with staff to plan and facilitate a monthly support session;

● Work with staff to provide follow-up services to victims who survive acts of violence, such as shootings and stabbings;

● Work with the SCNTR staff and program partners to plan and facilitate community events such as SCNTR Peace Walk, SCNTR Spa Night, Victim Services Holiday gatherings, and Memorials/Anniversaries/ Birthday Celebrations;

● Advocate for the rights of victims in the state and allow their voices to be heard;

● Plan and execute a system of assessment and evaluation for Victim Services, under the guidelines of the SCNTR’s program Logic Model and implementation plan and in collaboration with other SCNTR programs;

● Ensure that all Victim Services grant compliance and reporting requirements are met, as well as applicable state laws and policies;

● In conjunction with senior management, develop the program budget, participate in strategic planning, including grant writing and fundraising as needed, for the future growth of the program;

● Participate in SCNTR activities, events and tasks as needed from time to time; and

● Engage in other duties as a member of the Center’s Leadership Team.




● A Bachelor’s degree in Human Development, Criminal Justice, Social Work, or equivalent work experience;

● At least 5 years progressive experience in a social service environment, including supervisory roles for at least 2 years;

● A commitment to learn and promote SCNTR’s mission, program logic model and the principles and practices of Nonviolence;

● Experience as a counselor and/or advocate preferred;

● Experience working with populations from diverse backgrounds;

● Understanding of the complex and varied needs of victims;

● Understanding of the effects of trauma and the value of trauma-informed service provision;

● Ability to plan, budget, supervise, motivate and develop staff;

● Superior organizational and communication abilities;

● An ability to manage several programs simultaneously;

● Proficient with Word, Excel, Photoshop, Outlook, Gmail;

● A valid driver’s license, have daily access to a registered and insured vehicle;

● High quality writing skills;

● Ability to work with and manage in a diverse organization with staff that have various skill levels;

● Ability to work creatively and independently;

● Conflict Resolution skills required;

● A high level of energy and desire to aggressively sustain SCNTR’s work;

● Willing to work late and on weekends as needed to ensure the success of the overall department and of SCNTR Requirements; ● Complete our 5-day Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation and Racial Equity trainings;

● Flexible and a team player;

● Models and exemplifies the organization’s core values and beliefs;

● Supports both the mission and vision of the organization; and

● Demonstrates an orientation for results and achievement (e.g. making data-driven decisions, taking initiative, etc.).


Qualified applicants for this life changing position, please send a cover letter and resume to info@SelmaCNTR.org. Subject: Victim Services Manager.


The Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, Reconciliation encourages a diverse work environment and is an equal opportunity employer. SCNTR highly encourages BIPOC to apply for all positions.