Kate Bulls LaFayette

Boynton Family Board Member

Kate Bulls LaFayette has devoted her life to teaching young children, teaching teachers, consulting and directing childcare programs. Her first position upon graduation from the Elliott Pearson Early Childhood Education Program at Tufts University was at the Vassar Lab Day School in Poughkeepsie, New York. She returned to Elliott Pearson and received a Master Degree in Education, and began teaching at the Orchard Park Day Care Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Her next position was as Executive Director for the KLH Child Development Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This pilot program was an industry related demonstration childcare project, funded by the Children’s Bureau, which laid the groundwork for the current Head Start program.


She married Bernard Lafayette, a civil rights pioneer and strategist in 1969, beginning a life of love which they have shared with the world for the last 42 years.


After Twenty four years as the Head Start Director in Tuskegee, Alabama she retired to become a Certified Trainer in Kingian Nonviolence. She is presently teaching nonviolence in South Africa, ex-militants in the Niger Delta, Nigeria and across the United States to youth, and businesses.