Mark, A Son of Selma. Although born in Los Angeles, California, considers himself a native, having lived in Selma on and off for twenty years. Through visiting Alabama every summer as a child, his grandparents John & Rosie Miles fostered within him both the importance of a close-knit community and hard work.

Despite upbringing and instilled values, during his youth, he experienced some rough obstacles. Nevertheless, he overcame them with great determination. Mark's hope is to be a beacon of light for his generation and to engage his peers on the importance of solidarity on the issues that affect us. 


Mark is an experienced political/union organizer who recently spearheaded a movement in Birmingham that raised minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 before the legislature’s refusal to implement the change. As an activist and a member of Birmingham Justice League, he is known to always stand in solidarity of oppressed people.

Mark Myles

Community Organizer