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Helen Mc Rand

Advisory Council

Helen Mc Rand was the first African American to be appointed as Court Clerk/Magistrate for the Town of Grove Hill in 2007. Born on December 14, 1964 to Orbert McIntosh and BeEtta McIntosh of Sweet Water, Alabama, she is the 3rd oldest of 7 siblings. She was introduced to the civil rights movement at an early age. As a child she traveled with her mother throughout Marengo County to NAACP, SCLC and other Civil Right meeting serving as a scribe by keeping the minutes. From those experiences she committed herself to serving others. She was educated at Marengo High School where she ranked among the top of her class. It was during this time that she developed a love for public speaking after reciting the late incomparable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s "I Have a Dream" speech. That pivotal moment in her life gave her such a great sense of accomplishment and direction for her future. She developed a love and passion for public speaking and became an advocate for social justice.

She later attended Hobson State and Alabama Southern Community College studying accounting and computer applications. She became a Certified Court Clerk in 2009 for the Town of Grove Hill, where she still serves. Her contributions to her community includes: serving as Court Clerk, Community Activist, Missionary and Speaker. She uses the gift of speech to enlighten our youth about the pit falls of underage drinking, illicit drug use and the consequences of becoming a high school dropout. The cause that is dearest to her heart is how to stop the school-to-prison pipeline by teaching tolerance to the community at large. Helen is an active member of the Clarke County DHR Quality Assurance Board, Clarke County Underage Drinking Coalition, Clarke County NAACP and Order of the Eastern Star Bright Star Chapter 616A in Sweet Water, Al. She continues to fight the good fight of encouraging everyone to get an education and enlighten themselves on current events in your communities and around the world.

She is a loving wife, proud mother with a blended family of four sons, three daughters and five grandchildren. She knows firsthand the consequences of unresolved conflicts and violence. On February 10, 2003 their sixteen year old daughter, Ashley M. Carter, was murdered at Wilcox Central High School by a fifteen year old.

(334) 526-4539

Helen Mc Rand
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