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This year the SCNTR is raising $45,000 to hire a Victim Service Advocate for the Violence Intervention Program!

Help us reach our fundraising goal!

Did you know?

In 2015, Selma was the most dangerous place to live in Alabama.


In 2016 that escalated to make Selma the 8th most dangerous place to live per capita in the entire United States. In 2019, Alabama had third highest crime rate in the nation and, Dallas County, where Selma is located, had the highest rate of gun-related deaths among all 67 counties in Alabama.


In 2021, to-date, Selma has experienced 18 homicides, most in the past 6 years, with over 350 calls for "Shots Fired" in a three month period.

You can be a part of the solution

What is the Violence Intervention Program?

...and what does a Victim Service Advocate do?


Healing the whole person, and the community.

Program Goals:
1. Reduce Street-level violence through an effective, evidence-based outreach framework to engage with those individuals most likely to shoot, be shot, and to commit a violent crime;

2. Reduce acts of retaliation and increasing positive healing through invention services and nonviolence conflict resolution skill-building;

3. Increase economic opportunities for individuals and neighborhoods through hiring project staff directly from the neighborhoods in which the project will be based.

What does a Victim Service Advocate do?

  • Provides holistic, client-centered, wraparound services to survivors of homicide and living victims of violent crime throughout Selma and Selmont.

  • Supports every victim regardless of circumstance, background, or former offender status.

  • Responds to homicides and assaults within 24 hours

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