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Your support will help provide critical services and opportunities for youth and families in Selma and Dallas County, Alabama.

Building the Beloved Community and 


In 2015, Selma was the most dangerous place to live in Alabama. Since then there has been a 50% drop in homcides and that work is made possible because of the support of our donors. 

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Our Monthly Donors

Our regular monthly supporters are some of our most active and important backers. It's not just about giving once a month – you're really making a meaningful difference in the lives of folks in Selma and Dallas County. As someone who donates monthly, we want you to feel like you're part of our work and feel excited about the role you play in making it happen.

You get to decide how much impact you want to have by choosing how much money you want to give every month and how you want your donation to be used. Your first donation will be taken today, and then your credit card will be automatically charged every month starting next month. You can change the amount you give or even stop donating monthly anytime you want.

  • Increase the SCNTR’s impact through sustainable funding year-round

  • Receive frequent updates and stories about the people helped by your gift

  • Rest easy knowing that families in Selma and Dallas County, AL can succeed because of your generosity

  • Receive monthly (or annual) statements confirming your gift for tax purposes

  • Enjoy the ease of automatic monthly donations

  • Have the flexibility to change or cancel your monthly gift at any time

  • Unite with a community of givers dedicated to reducing violence

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