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Ted Quant

Advisory Council

Ted Quant has worked for social justice in many capacities over the years, including 29 years as director of the Twomey Center for Peace through Justice at Loyola University. He brought the first Peer Mediation program to New Orleans Public School at Peters Middle School and together with Educators for Social Responsibility, Safe & Drug Free Schools started the first comprehensive conflict resolution program in Orleans Parish Schools and trained teachers and students in 100 New Orleans schools. He has served as a counselor and trainer for the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement for 29 years. Quant is a founding member and board chair of Operation Reach, a youth leadership development organization. He has been a consultant, trainer and supporter of Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center since its founding in 1991. Together with Augusta Kerry, C.J. Peete Resident Council president, created the C.J. Peete POWER Computer School. He was Co-Chair, New Orleans Public Schools Dropout Prevention Taskforce that brought the Cities In Schools program and the Comprehensive Competencies Program to New Orleans and supported the effort that established the first New Orleans School Based Health Clinics. He has been a laborer, union steward, and organizer for the Equal Rights Congress, Voter Education Project and the Texas Farmworker Union’s March to Washington.

(334) 526-4539

Ted Quant
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