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Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Training

Introduction to the philosophy of Nonviolence through the lens of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The two-day Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation (2-day CORE) training is an introduction to the philosophy of Nonviolence through the lens of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Teaching the Six Principles and Steps of Kingian Nonviolence, as well as basic ideas, strategies, and tools of conflict reconciliation, the model sees conflict as inevitable and inherently neutral. However, the training teaches us how to identify and worth through conflict in a positive way that addresses the root causes and encourages us to creatively and strategically develop a win-win outcome leading to reconciliation.

The training includes reading of Dr. King’s seminal writings, viewing and discussing films documenting different campaigns within the Civil Rights Movement, mini-lectures, interactive small group activities, and role-playing. The principles are also taught through music and relationship-building activities. The training is helpful in a variety of settings to address individual, group, institutional and systemic conflicts. We explore four different types and four different levels of conflict and effective de-escalation techniques; the definitions and differences between violence, “non-violence”, and nonviolence; the concepts of negative peace vs positive peace; the application of Dr. King’s philosophies in four successful campaigns during the Civil Rights Movement; and the principles (the will) and the steps (the skill) of Kingian Nonviolence. We then put knowledge in action to begin to practice the first step of Kingian Nonviolence in order to transform our communities.

Advanced training is available for certification to become a curriculum trainer in your own community. Contact Ainka Jackson for more information on how you can become a certified Kingian Nonviolence trainer.

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