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Michele Alexandre

Board Member

Dean Michèle Alexandre joined Stetson University College of Law in 2019 and immediately began laying the groundwork for a 2030 vision for the college to expand the curriculum, increase alumni engagement, and forge new community partnerships.

Prior to joining Stetson, Alexandre taught at the University of Mississippi and the University of Memphis School of Law. Much of her time in the South was devoted to issues of sustainability, economic independence, and social justice for small farmers and poor populations, including launching the Race and Sustainability Conference at The University of Mississippi.

Her scholarly areas include constitutional law, international law, civil rights law, disability law, critical race theory, human rights, and gender. She has received Fulbright and Watson Fellowships and is the author of the civil rights textbook, “The New Frontiers of Civil Rights Litigation,” and of “Sexploitation: Sexual Profiling and the Illusion of Gender.”

Her accolades include being named one of Ebony Magazine's Top 100 influential African Americans of 2013 and one of the 50 “Most Influential Minority Law Professors 50 Years of Age or Younger” by Lawyers of Color Magazine.

Alexandre is the first black valedictorian of Colgate University and earned her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School.

(334) 526-4539

Michele Alexandre
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