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Dr. Chinwe Okeke, MD, MHA

Director of the Violence Intervention Program

Dr. Chinwe Okeke, MD, MHA is the Director of the SCNTR’s Violence Intervention Program (VIP) and has over a decade of teaching experience from secondary and post-secondary education to undergraduate, graduate, and professional school education. Chinwe is a healthcare professional by training, an educator by history, and an advocate by passion. As a community organizer, Chinwe created the Plan 2 Plan T.A.G.S initiative at Concordia College Alabama to build bridges between public officials and the communities they serve. Chinwe has also served as a Selma A.I.R. Wellness Navigator to amplify the voices of those fighting to reduce health disparities. With years of experience educating others on healthcare delivery systems, Chinwe turns her attention to reducing violence as a public health crisis. In her spare time, she loves writing and learning choreography.

(334) 526-4539

Dr. Chinwe Okeke, MD, MHA
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