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Drew Glover

Development and Communications Specialist

Bringing 10 years of experience in organizing , he is also a certified nonviolence educator.

Leading the charge to connect intergenerational, intersectional organizers and causes, Drew is bridging the gap between the accomplishments of the past and the paradigm of the present. With the goal of inspiring society’s collective consciousness to understand the time for change is now, and in order to make that change the sacrifices and victories towards justice can act as a catalyst for a civil rights renaissance in the deep South, Drew is galvanizing a new generation of freedom fighters to build on the foundation laid by the elders and the ancestors.

Inspired by the victories of historic nonviolent movements, as well as modern events across the country, the uprisings in response to unchecked police brutality, and the clear threat of Trumpism and domestic white supremacist terrorism, Drew identifies as militantly nonviolent in the practice of Kingian philosophy focused on reconciliation and building the beloved community.

(334) 526-0767

Drew Glover
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