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Felicia Gill

Beloved Community Block Club Navigator

Felicia Gill is a Beloved Community Block Club Navigator. She is a native of Selma, AL, a 1984 Selma High School graduate, and a mother of one son and three grandchildren. Felicia earned her Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources from Faulkner University, and her Master’s in Public Administration with an emphasis on Nonprofits at South University. Felicia’s love for the Black Belt began during her tenure at Selma AIR in the early 2000's where she served as the HIV/AIDS Education and Community Outreach Specialist. Felicia was named by S.I.S.T.A (Sista Informing other Sistas on Topic surrounding Aids) for Life by the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control is evident through her work performed with the Science-based curriculum and at Concordia College Alabama where she served as the Director of the Rosa J. Young Center for Women made up of 45 young women and a few young men in 2015 assisted the Voters Right Food Soldiers Committee by seeking out and identifying undocumented Foot Soldiers throughout the Black Belt and entering their stories into the Foot Soldiers data bank. Over 50 Foot Soldiers across the Black Belt were identified during this effort. The Foot Soldiers were presented with Medallions for their stories. A more recent accomplishment since 2020 consisted of building the Calhoun Community College Professional Career Closets on the Decatur and Huntsville campus as a Career Advisor in the Career Services department increasing the traffic flow into the department services by 80%. The professional closet consisted of gently used professional-looking clothes collected through donations, collaborations, and partnerships to benefit Calhoun Community College students and community members of North Alabama.
Felicia looks forward to capitalizing on her talents, skill sets, and education while constructing Beloved Community Block Clubs.

(334) 526-4539

Felicia Gill
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