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Perry Blackmon

Manger, Street Outreach Team

Perry Blackmon is the Manager of Street Outreach Services with the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation. Passionate about transforming community dynamics and fostering safer environments, he specializes in establishing premier street outreach service standards anchored in the principles of nonviolence and trauma-informed practices.

As a dynamic and multi-talented individual with an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others, Mr. Blackmon brings a diverse skill set to the table. As a former Director of Security with 30 years of experience, Mr. Blackmon was responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of high-profile individuals and celebrities. This involved planning and executing security measures, coordinating with law enforcement, managing security personnel, and analyzing and mitigating potential risks. The job demanded excellent communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Mr. Blackmon is also a Crisis Counselor in secondary education within the Selma City High School system. He is driven to empower students to cultivate healthy habits and unlock their full potential.

“I'm a relentless advocate for the post-secondary success of students; particularly those living in underserved and rural communities.” - Perry Blackmon

Throughout his decade-long career he has helped over 350 students of color enroll at 4-year institutions, championed and led college access programs, created programming for students at risk of stop-out, and consulted with companies to create efficient workflows that support the work of post-secondary success. Additionally, as a highly-skilled Certified Project Manager, Agile Scrum Master, and Certified Supply Chain Manager, Mr. Blackmon possesses the expertise to masterfully coordinate complex initiatives and oversee the flow of goods and services from supplier to consumer. Mr. Blackmon is an accomplished professional actor with a diverse range of experience in film, television, and production including a notable role in the HBO production "The Wire"

Beyond Mr. Blackmon’s professional achievements, he is also a visionary farmer and sustainability enthusiast. He is passionate about finding solutions that promote sustainability in an equitable way. Leveraging cutting-edge techniques like clean energy, particularly solar, Mr. Blackmon is committed to making a lasting impact on our planet and promoting a brighter, greener future.

(334) 526-4539

Perry Blackmon
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