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Celebrating Community and Heritage: The Community Wellness Village at the 59th Bridge Crossing Jubilee

During the 59th Bridge Crossing Jubilee, an event steeped in the rich history of civil rights and the ongoing struggle for equality, the Selma Center for Nonviolence, Truth, and Reconciliation (SCNTR) participated by centering community wellness and engagement with a Community Wellness Village. 

The Community Wellness Village, set up along Green Street at the intersection at Water Avenue, gave visitors the opportunity to be treated to an array of activities and resources, each designed to uplift and engage. Among these, a community town hall facilitated by SCNTR’s Violence Intervention Program (VIP) team provided a platform for open dialogue, allowing community members to discuss pertinent issues, share their experiences, and explore solutions in a supportive environment.

The Village was also home to a diverse group of vendors from across the area. From local crafts and foods that celebrated the cultural heritage of Selma and its surroundings, to information booths offering resources on health, education, and community services, there was something of interest for everyone.

This event highlighted the continuous efforts of the SCNTR to strengthen the spirit of community and the power of coming together to support one another in various aspects of wellness, from physical and mental health to social and economic wellbeing. We honor the past but to actively build a future where the Beloved Community thrives together.

For more details on the Selma Jubilee and its significance, visit the Selma Jubilee website. And, to stay up to date on everything the SCNTR is doing please sign up for our monthly newsletter or consider donating to support the work.


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